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Mazark & Associates Architects offers its clients complete or partial core Architectural Services. The majority of projects comprise the core architectural services of Feasibility/ Concept design, Design development, Town planning applications, Construction drawings and specifications, Building permit applications and Construction contract administration.

Mazark & Associates Architects also offers its clients Town Planning Design and Documentation, Interior and Fit-out Design & Landscape Design.

Architectural Core Services

Its commonly accepted in the building industry, that architects have the appropriate level of education, experience, and training to direct your building project.

Core architectural services are the professional services required by most clients for a building project from the initial design to completion of construction.

As a registered architectural company, we are able to offer the full scope of architectural services or provide partial services depending on the requirements of your project.

Pre-design / Feasibility

In the pre-design phase the architect will obtain the client’s brief; arrange, attend and record meetings with the client; recommend specialist consultants; make initial inquiries about the site conditions and constraints; make initial inquiries about regulatory requirements. The architect will then proceed to prepare a preliminary design for the client to consider.

Design development & town planning applications

The architect will prepare sketches and diagrams to adequately explain the design concept to the client. Once the client has approved the concept design the architect will proceed to design development.

During the design-development phase the architect will develop the approved concept design and provide documentation to explain it to the client, coordinate the work of specialist consultants, provide a schedule of proposed finishes and proceed to development approval. This stage may require council planning approval. As mentioned earlier, town planning applications are second nature to our daily operations.

Construction drawings and specifications & building permit applications

Construction drawings provide accurately measured and detailed drawings of a resolved design, and its parts, to guide the contractor in its construction. They may be subject to clarification, but should be complete with dimensions, details, and notes to enable construction without the need for additional information. They also provide the detailed information required for building permit and, if required, tendering purposes. This stage requires building permit approval. This stage requires that we liaise with (structural, civil, building surveyors,) consultants.

Procurement, tendering & construction contract administration

An Architect will administer the building contract as being independent to the contract, but is given authority under the contract by the builder and owner to: give instructions to the builder, review variations, assess progress claims and authorise payments, review construction and finishes for defects, and mediate disputes.

Your Architect will be your independent adviser, liaising on your behalf with builders, consultants and suppliers to ensure compliance with the spirit and intent of the project design.

Town planning design & documentation

Our practice offers complete coordination between planning consultants and architectural services. Town planning applications are second nature to our daily operations. Our speciality rests with medium density housing as well as the singular dwelling, and has grown to include mixed use and apartment style developments. Our success lays in unlocking the commercial & the economic benefit of development sites. Every application has an appointed planning consultant, selected for their ability to best handle your application and provide meaningful advice and guidance prior to formally applying to council.

We undertake the following Town Planning Services:

  • liaise with (planning, arborist, heritage, traffic, aboriginal heritage, daylight) consultants
  • prepare the necessary documents for Town Planning (TP) application and lodge application
  • prepare selections of materials and finishes
  • assist in obtaining planning approvals by negotiating, attending meetings

Interior renovation & fit-out design

In many instances retaining a building shell and remodelling the interior space, adds quality. We are well versed in residential, commercial and hospitality fit-outs and can offer services for these works. In addition we can offer furniture packages for a comprehensive service to our clients.

Landscape design

Linking the internal design of the development to the outside and vis a vis, forms an integrated approach between architecture and landscape design, to form a sophisticated co-existence and extension of the architecture between landscape and built form. The response can be orchestrated with materials both soft and hard, framing of vistas and views. These concepts apply to all our built forms.

We direct this process as part of our Architectural Design, and work in association with the Landscape Designer in scheduling materials and vegetation.